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Created in 1963, the German-Jordanian Society is one of the oldest inter-state cultural and friendship societies. It dates back to personal ties linking its founder Consul Kurt Uihlein from Hanover with the then King Hussein of Jordan and is commensurate with the decades of good, intensive relations between both countries on political level.

The German-Jordanian Society brings together people who are interested in exchanges between the two countries and in seeking contacts on equal terms. Because we do not pursue any political objectives, our activities and our network have for more than 50 years enabled us to achieve a friendship between nations based on understanding, tolerance and trust. Our honorary work focuses on exchange and encounter, for example cultural, scientific and youth exchange schemes, study trips as well as exhibitions, presentations and symposiums addressing history, culture and relevant topics of the present age. In addition, the German-Jordanian Society supports social and cultural projects in Jordan with donations and practical assistance.

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DJG Geschäftsstelle, Honorarkonsulat Jordanien

Mail Address: An der Ringkirche 6, 65197 Wiesbaden, Germany

Telephone: +49 611 308 65 91

Fax: +49 611 442 464

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Website: www.d-j-g.com