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The German-Yemeni Society (DJG) is a registered non-profit organization that has been promoting the German-Yemeni friendship for more than forty years.

The German-Yemeni Society
-    enhances friendship und understanding between the people of both countries,
-    collaborates with civil society organizations, and
-    creates opportunities for bilateral exchange between individuals and groups, especially youth.

The society aims to objectively inform the German public ondiverse aspects of the Republic of Yemen, such as itshistory, geography, economy and culture. The annual magazine Jemen-Report offers a wide range of topics from the fields of science and politics, alongside the latest international research on Yemen. Members have access totheFacebookgroup with the latest news concerning Yemen, includingbackground and analysis of current events.

When the German-Yemeni Society was founded in 1970, NorthYemen,the poorest country in the region,was supported via various humanitarian projects. Trips were offered to members of the society throughout NorthYemen; after the unification and the end of the civil war in the 1990s, tours were conducted solely in the Republic of Yemen. The first touristic map of Yemen was developed and published by the German-Yemeni Society. In 2000 and 2009, together with the Yemeni-German FriendshipSociety, mutual exchange visits between German and Yemeni youth football teams were organized. Following natural disasters, such as the earthquake in 1982 and the floods in Hadramaut in 2008, the society and its members contributed donations to support reconstruction efforts in Yemen.

As political tension in Yemen prevails and makes travels to the country currently impossible, the society has again adapted its focus and activities, such as sponsoring visits of young Yemeni artists to Germany. Also, in 2015, the society will stage the Yemeni Film Festival in two German cities, showcasing current short films from and about Yemen.

The German-Yemeni Society is open for all individuals with an interest in Yemen. The society is managed by an elected board and holds an annual meeting for all members. Society members are encouraged to actively participate in all activities of the society.

Contact Information

Contact Person:
First Chair: Gudrun Orth

Mail Address: Wintererstraße 43, 79104 Freiburg, Germany

Telephone: +49 179 527 08 33

E-mail: jemen(at)djg-ev.de

Website: www.djg-ev.de