Exhibitor Profile.

Porr Deutschland GmbH


Industry: Construction business

Products / Services: Civil engineering, tunneling, infrastructure, bridge construction

Corporate Language: depends on destination, in Germany: german

Number of Employees: national: 1.500/ international 13.000

Locations: national: Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Schölln
international: Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Qatar

Recruiting Profile

Wanted Branches of Study

Civil engineering, industrial engineering with specialization construction

Additional Qualifications
hands-on trainings and first work experience

Employment Opportunities
- Internship
- Bachelor / Master Thesis
- Direct Employment

Contact Information for Applicants

Contact Person:
Ms. Regina Lackerschmid

Mail Address: Fürstenrieder Str. 285, 81377 München, Germany

Telephone: +49 89 7100 1260

E-mail: regina.lackerschmid(at)a-porr.de

Website: www.porr-deutschland.de