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The idea behind CEURABICS and its intention is to foster the interreligious and intercultural communication and understanding between students from Austria and from the MENA region as well as other countries with a significant Muslim population. The goal is to promote the integration of Muslim students to Austria and to allow for dialogue between various cultures. CEURABICS functions as a platform which creates mutual understanding and respect between members of diverse cultural areas. The projects strengthen the consciousness of the own identity, but also brings it in dialogue with students of different backgrounds. The aim is not only the awareness of the own identity and the respect and tolerance towards other people’s identities.

CEURABICS is a student-run society in Austria, that aims at the interreligious and intercultural tolerance and understanding. It combines academic knowledge with practical projects, thus creating a respectful get together. CEURABICS stands out by its focus on a personal exchange level between students from the MENA region and Europe. The president of CEURABICS is Prof. Dr. Wolfram Reiss, professor of historical and comparative studies of religions at the University of Vienna since July 2007. The executive team is run by students from Austria, that focus in their studies on the Middle East.

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Contact Person:
Ms. Donata Kremsner, Executive Team

Phone: +43 660 169 9094

E-mail: office(at)ceurabics.com 

Website: www.ceurabics.com